Assorted Hexmag 30rd 5.56/223 Magazine with color follower
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The Hexmag is a lightweight and durable magazine for the AR platform! The unique hex-patterned texture provides a sturdy, worry free grip on the impact resistant nylon polymer body and eye-catching looks. The tool-free base plate provides access to a USGI spec anti-corrosion heat-treated stainless steel spring and the HexID system, perfect for shooters who run more than one caliber through their AR-15s!

Magazine body color and follower color will be random.  we have black, grey, tan, and green mags.  If you have a preference, mention it in the 'special instructions' during checkout and we will attempt to accommodate.  There are no guarantees on color, however.  No cancellations or contingencies (for example, you cant say "i want all black with pink followers or cancel my order").  We'll try to give you what you want, but again these are random in the end, so you'll get what you get.  These are series 1 hexmags. 

Hexmag has a Lifetime Warranty on their magazines, if you have any issues they stand behind their product and work directly with the customer.  If you have any issues with the product, contact them directly. This is a clearance item for us, so we won't do any returns. You must contact hexmag down the road if there is ever any trouble. 

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Assorted Hexmag 30rd 5.56/223 Magazine with color follower

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