Tactical Unicorn Ar15 Bolt Carrier Group
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Our premium quality BCG in a new Tactical Unicorrn faaaaaaabulouuss crazy rainbow galaxy cosmic psychedelic purple haze oil slick multi color eye-catching finish!  If you want a unique Ar15 bolt carrier group that will stand out, this one is for you.

  • 8620 steel m16 auto carrier
  • 9310 steel bolt
  • heat treated
  • MPI Tested
  • PVD finish (similar to Titanium Nitride)
  • Grade 8 fasteners
  • Properly staked gas key

Note: Colors may vary, no two are the exact same. Finish may change color over time, especially at wear points. As with all bcgs, keep it lubricated. We stand behind our products guarantee that the bcg will function properly. 

  • Item #: LGBcg

Tactical Unicorn Ar15 Bolt Carrier Group

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