Ar15 Bolt Face Assembly - 8620 steel - MPI tested
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Light Duty 8620 Ar15 bolt, comes assembled with gas rings, ejector, extractor, etc.  Made from 8620 steel, mpi tested, phosphate finish. 
8620 is typically the steel used in the bolt carrier, but some manufacturers will occasionally make bolts from it also.  It runs and functions fine, but might have a shorter life under heavy use in a pistol or carbine gas system, full auto, etc.   We got these in a big batch from an oem who made them for a particular hunting rifle maker that specified 8620, but was unable to complete the purchase later on.  When tested they ran with no issues.  Great option to pick up a few spares at a great price also. 

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Ar15 Bolt Face Assembly - 8620 steel - MPI tested

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