Arisaka 300 Series with Malkoff E1HT head
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This is by far my favorite light for a compact or subcompact home defense or truck weapon. Its compact size does not lend itself to just how effective it is. With a precise beam of light for accurate target identification and minimal spash for closer quarters it is absolutely great for a small weapon. 

This Arisaka 300 series light comes with the Malkoff E1HT head installed. 

Malkoff E1HT - 325 lumens and 23,000 candela of white light provide a tightly concentrated beam for distance, with a small amount of spill for close range and peripheral lighting. This head will illuminate targets at 100 meters better than the 500 lumen Surefire M300C and 1500 lumen M600DF because of the significantly higher candela. Run time is 45-60 minutes. Malkoff heads are fully potted to withstand recoil during weapon mounted use.



We carry the Arisaka offset scout mount as our preffered rifle mounting system. 

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Arisaka 300 Series with Malkoff E1HT head

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