Arisaka Defense 600 Series light with Malkoff E2XT head
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This light is one of my personal favorites. Featuring the same mounting profile as the SureFire scout series of lights there are a plethora of mounting options available, and an awesome weapon light. 

The E2XT head produces a narrower cone of light that makes quick target identification easier with less splash around the light's point of impact. This makes it easier to focus on where your rifle or pistol is pointing and allows you to easily identify targets well within the non-magnified optic range.

The E2XT - 55,000 candela and 500 out-the-front lumens. 1.23" diameter bezel. Very focused beam for maximum distance. Continuous run time is 30 minutes on two CR123 cells or 60 minutes on one 16650 cell


We carry the Arisaka offset scout mount as our preffered rifle mounting system. 

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Arisaka Defense 600 Series light with Malkoff E2XT head

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