Blem / Salvage M16 Bolt Carrier Group BCG Parts Kit
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Blem/Salvage m16 / ar15 Bolt Carrier Group Parts Kit.

  • 8620 carrier
  • 9310 bolt
  • made in USA 
  • may be nitride or phosphate

This is a blem/clearance item. All sales are final. No warranties/exchanges/returns.

These may or may not have blems or scratches.   They may or may not have been submerged in a tragic boating accident.  Some may need parts replaced. Maybe one had a bad gas ring and we tossed it in the 'bad' pile.  Maybe some need ejectors or extractors replaced.  Maybe some need the gas key drilled out a bit.  Maybe some gas keys need staking. Maybe some need a new firing pin. Some may need the bolt lugs polished. Some might work just fine. 
Basically we are selling these at our loss so you can tinker with them as a fun project or use them for spare parts, and we make some room at the shop. win-win / yay. 

Note: This is a 'u fix it' item. no guarantees on these.  
Note 2:  If you purchase one of these with one of our complete upppers, we'll check headspace but we won't guarantee any further functionality with this bcg.  If you're buying one of our uppers, we'd recommend This BCG instead.  

Lube and inspection is recommended.  As with all new builds, checking headspace is recommended.  

  • Item #: bcgblem

Blem / Salvage M16 Bolt Carrier Group BCG Parts Kit

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