Grab Bag 5.56/223 Ar15 Upper with BCG and Charging Handle
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Save a few bucks and grab one of these complete uppers, just let us pick the parts!  These are uppers built from extra parts, leftover inventory from gun shows, orders that customers never picked up or changed their mind to something else, uppers or parts that have imperfections like scracthes or dings, blem or random assemblies used for display/demo or other reasons... or parts we just want to run a sale on to move out of the way.

You'll get at least:

  • Assembled upper receiver with BCG and charging handle (test fired, head space checked).
  • 16" or longer 5.56/223 barrel (may be nato or wylde, stainless or black) (also may be 14.5 with welded brake for 16"oal), unless you select pistol
  • Free float handguard, may be keymod or mlok or picatinny or other. Will at least cover the gas block
  • Flash hider or muzzle device
  • Steel gas block
  • Stainless gas tube
  • m16 Bolt carrier group (may be phosphate, Melonite/nitride, TiN or NiB or other)
  • Charging handle (type of latch may vary, standard or extended, unless it's a side charger then no handle).

You may even get a free koozie.  That's worth the purchase right there. 

  • Item #: GBupperwBCG

Grab Bag 5.56/223 Ar15 Upper with BCG and Charging Handle

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