Upgraded Grab Bag / Clearance Ar15 Rifle Upper w/ Free Float
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This is similar to the original grab bag upper, but it will definitely have an upgraded handguard and/or upgraded barrel (stainless, fluted, etc).   Possible minor blems still may apply.  
Occasionally, we end up with extra handguards, barrels, uppers, and other parts that may be different from our normal selection, and there may not be enough of them to warrant creating a whole new product line on the site.   Sometimes a customer changes their mind, and we're stuck with a custom built upper that doesn't match anything we have listed online.  Sometimes items are dinged or scratched during shipping, etc.  What we've decided to do with extra parts like these is to offer them at a great discount to you, the customer.  It's a win-win. We free up space, you get a deal on an upper.

What you get:

  • Assembled Ar15 Upper Receiver (may or not be the dust cover / forward assist model)
  • 16" or longer 5.56/.223 barrel (may be black or stainless, twist and gas length may vary)
  • Gas system (will be proper gas tube length for barrel)
  • Free float handguard (may be quad rail, keymod, or other. Various lengths)
  • Flash hider / Muzzle device (a2 or similar is most likely)
  • No bcg or charging handle (available separately)

Due to this type of sale item, we can't customize this one to your specs.  These uppers are either already built or are being built from extra samples, overstock, scratched/blems, or parts we've discontinued and are clearing out to clean up space.  ALL SALES OF THIS ITEM ARE FINAL.  
Some parts may or may not have scratches or dings. 

Note: picture is for examples only, actual parts used may vary.  

*as vague as this description is, rest assured we won't knowingly sell a non-functional upper* 

  • Item #: grabrifleP

Upgraded Grab Bag / Clearance Ar15 Rifle Upper w/ Free Float

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