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Usually, a little less than a week.  Most parts are shipped out the same or next business day.  Custom built uppers may take 1-3 days to be built and tested depending on demand.  Packages take 2-5 business days in transit.

We will NOT ship any magazine to New York or New Jersey.  We encourage all of our customers to use local resources to ensure they are compliant.  We do not have the manpower or ability to study the constantly changing law in all 20,000 cities in the US.

To better serve all of our customers, our process is very streamlined and automated.  Some order changes may not be able to be completed.  Some may come with an additional fee.  Please use any of the methods listed in our contacts to request changes immediately.

Within a day of placing your order, you will receive a tracking email.  This does NOT mean your package has left our facility.  This means we have created a label and are working on the order.  Once your tracking starts to update, this indicates your package is on the way.  IMPORTANT!  We have no additional information on the location of your package, other than what the shipper provides.  We are Mid State Firearms, therefore we do not have more information about UPS than UPS has.  Also, do not panic if your package goes a day or two without an update.  Contrary to popular belief, it is possible for a carrier to pick up a package from us, transport it across the country, deliver it to you, and only scan it once.

We do not.  Our processer does not even have that option for us.

Sales tax will be applied to orders within Mississippi.

USA, Guam, and Puerto Rico is fine by us!   We will not ship to any other countries.

Yes, Mid State Firearms charges $50 paperwork fee if you want to ship a gun to us and have us do the 4473 / paperwork. The fee is due regardless of the background check result.

Call, text, or Email!  We will be glad to assist.

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