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AR 15 Stripped Lower Receiver Guide. What is a Stripped Lower Receiver?

The lower receiver, as you may already know, is one of the key parts of rifles. This is where the serial number of any AR 15 can be found. 

It is usually made from aluminum, allowing other parts to connect to each other. It’s the frame of the rifle that is meant to hold the magazine while incorporating all the internal components like the safety and trigger assembly. 

The lower receiver is a serialized rifle portion, and must be bought through a licensed FFL dealer. Stripped and complete lowers are considered as a firearm, just like any other firearm. 

You may see stripped lowers and complete lowers. A complete lower is equipped with a trigger, safety, stock, pistol grip, and other lower parts that are necessary for your gun to function. No assembly is necessary. Simply attach a complete lower to a complete upper by pinning them and you’re all set.

What Parts Go Into a Stripped Lower Receiver?

One of the main reasons to purchase an AR15 stripped lower receiver is to customize it completely. It allows you to add your favorite grip and trigger, and other lower parts without having to disassemble your firearm. 

You should get a lower-parts kit to complete your stripped AR lower. It may include a bolt catch, grip, magazine catch, pivot pin, trigger guard, trigger pins, safety selector, and other parts.