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Build Your Own Custom Rifle

Building your AR 15 rifle instead of buying one already made has plenty of benefits. We have a comprehensive collection of AR15 Rifle Kits that give you tons of options to design a one-of-a-kind rifle. Get the rifle of your dreams by making your own with our rifle build kits.

Reasons To Build Your Own AR-15

Building your own AR 15 gives you a completely different experience than if you were to buy one already made. 

By building your own AR 15 using our build kits, you get to customize your gun in the way that fits best for you. Many build kits, like the ones we carry, let you build the exact rifle that you’re looking for. 

How to customize your AR-15

Customize your AR 15 rifle by using one of the various build-your-own AR rifle kits available. You will get to know how all the pieces of your gun go together, and when you want to change out a part of your gun, you will know exactly how to do so. 

When you buy a AR15 rifle kit, you will understand where each part of the rifle goes. You can customize your AR 15 by choosing precisely what parts you want to include as you buy a rifle build kit or choose different upgrades later. Then, because you will understand what each part of the rifle does, you will know how to buy different components to customize your AR 15.

You Will Understand the Inner Workings of Your Rifle

An AR 15 build kit will start you off with every part you need to build an AR 15, besides the lower receiver. By the time you are done building your AR 15, you will understand the inner workings of the rifle as you put those parts together. 

If you buy a complete AR 15, you’re likely going to get a basic gun. If you want any upgrades, you must purchase those separately and these extra costs will build up over time. When you use an AR rifle kit, skip the replacement process and just buy the upgraded parts to begin with. You spend less money buying fewer parts, which saves you so much money, especially if you want a fully upgraded AR 15.