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The AR night vision scope has been one of the most expensive hunting equipment parts in recent years. Still, lots of hunters, military personnel, and other firearms enthusiasts like to enhance their vision with a good night vision scope.

Today’s market is flooded with all kinds of night vision scopes. Searching for the best AR-15 optics is difficult today because the prices have dropped, and this is true for people who look for a good night vision AR scope for their AR-15 rifles.

A quality night vision for AR 15 rifles has to fit your needs, especially if you’re a hunter.


Magnification is the first and most important thing when selecting the best night vision scope for AR 15.

The AR night vision’s zoom feature allows you to focus on targets from a distance, which is particularly useful if your rifle has an extensive range. But, not all night vision AR scopes’ zoom capabilities are alike.

Some scopes offer fixed zoom distances, such as 2x or 8x, while others provide variable zoom, permitting you to adjust the range within the scope’s minimum and maximum limits.

Additionally, if you’re shopping on a budget, consider non-magnified scopes, also known as fixed scopes, as an affordable yet functional alternative to AR 15 scopes with night vision.

Infrared vs. Thermal

Night vision scopes, or I2, are designed to amplify light in low-light conditions. They can transform invisible infrared light into visible light.

There are two types to choose from – active and passive.

  • Passive scopes are light volume adjusters – they amplify the existing light. They’re great for low-light situations but may struggle on moonless nights or in dark buildings.
  • Active scopes, on the other hand, emit infrared light that’s invisible to us but is captured and made visible by the scope. They’re excellent in total darkness but can pose challenges, like lighting up nearby trees too brightly in forested areas, making distant targets harder to see. 

Thermal scopes offer another option, as they display images based on temperature unaffected by light. Warmer objects, like animals, stand out brightly against cooler ones, like trees or ponds. 

A thermal scope like the N-Vision HALO LR even works during the day, a feature not as effective in I2 AR 15 optics.

Range Finder

Range finder scopes utilize an infrared laser to measure the distance to your target. It’s not exactly an AR optic, but it works by shining a laser at your intended target and calculating the time it takes for the laser to bounce back.

This travel time gives you the exact distance to your prey, helping to adjust your sights and scope for precise shooting. However, remember that these devices tend to use more battery power.

Weight and Size

Aside from the AR-15 night vision scope price, choosing the right thermal or night vision scope for AR 15 rifles requires considering their weight and size.

If you’re stationary while hunting, weight isn’t a major concern. However, if your hunting involves frequent movement or standing, opt for a lightweight scope.

Battery Life

When choosing your AR-15 night vision scope, battery life is a big factor when you start to consider how long you’ll be using your scope.

Some night vision scopes have internal rechargeable batteries, but the best AR optics have a battery life of over 11 hours.

Night Vision Scope Mounts

Night vision scopes for rifles can be handy tools for hunters.

Some AR optics, like the N-Vision NOX Thermal Sight, are versatile enough to attach to a helmet and use as a monocular as an alternative to most optics for AR 15 rifles. The right choice depends on your hunting needs, so keep this in mind when choosing the best optic for AR 15 rifles.

This concludes our discussion about these complex AR 15 optic devices. Feel free to browse our vast collection of the best AR 15 optic devices. Stay safe and shoot straight!