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Upgrade Your AR-15 with Titanium Nitride Parts

If you want to add both some cosmetic flair, as well as increase the durability and corrosion resistance of your AR-15, then you need to take a look at a gold lower parts kit and titanium nitride parts. Such as a gold ar15 barrel and the titanium ar15 parts kit.

Upgrade Your AR-15s Appearance With Gold Parts

The gold ar15 parts don’t need to be something that only ‘the rich gun owners get’, and they don’t need to be a ‘pointless cosmetic upgrade’ either. They can turn heads for sure, but the natural heat-resistant properties of gold and titanium can be very beneficial when placed on certain parts of a weapon. Plus, titanium ar 15 parts in particular, have a high strength ratio when compared to the weight of the parts.

The Most Popular Finishes For AR-15 Parts

A titanium lower parts kit ar15 is one of the most popular finishes for AR-15 parts, but it isn’t the only option out there. Many people love to finish certain areas of their guns off with gold-accented parts, such as making a gold ar15 barrel, while others tend to anodize their weapons.

Anodizing makes the firearms all have a matte black finish, but depending on the length of the anodizing process itself, the parts can come out with several different colors and finishes.

Duracoat is also another painted coating that allows creative rifle users to customize the look of their rifles, and the paint is also easy to apply and bonds easily with wood, polymer, and metal surfaces.

Don’t be afraid to break out your creative skills and desire for attention, and pimp out your gun with some key gold ar15 parts and titanium ar15 parts. They will make sure that your gun not only looks good but also continues to last and be usable for years to come!