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Mid State Firearms specializes in offering top-quality Ar15 parts, Upper Receivers, and accessories for sale. We also work to provide you with the best prices on anything you need for home or self-defense. Whether you need a fun range toy or a defense weapon to protect your family, we are here to help. Be sure to browse all of our items and options to customize your upper for your needs.

There’s nothing like a custom-built AR15. AR15 customization doesn’t have to be tedious or expensive, so please check out our wide collection of AR 15 custom parts and browse at your leisure.

AR15 Custom Builds: Create Your Dream Rifle with Mid State Firearms

When building a custom AR 15 with a proper AR 15 build kit, you can do wonders for your rifle, prolong its durability, improve the ergonomics and contours, and make it your own.

The AR-15 rifle is a prolific American firearm. With so many widely available aftermarket options, it’s one of the most customizable firearms on the market today. Its popularity is owed to the fact that it can be customized with the AR 15 build kits of your choice.

Why Choose Mid State Firearms for Your Custom AR-15 Build?

Mid State Firearms offers you unique customization options for the ultimate AR15 custom build. Customized AR-15 rifles are our main expertise. 

We have a wide variety of:

  • AR-15 accessories;
  • AR build kits;
  • AR15 lower receiver parts;
  • AR uppers;
  • As well as a collection of lights and optics for you to choose from.

Unique Customization Options

With so many customization options, we guarantee you’ll find the most suitable parts for your AR-15 rifle and completely improve your platform with the latest custom AR 15 accessories.

Wide Range of High-Quality Parts and Accessories

We offer a diverse range of products, such as build kits, lower receivers & parts, upper receivers & parts, Glock-compatible products, and more.

Best Prices on AR 15 Custom Parts

Since we started the business, our main focus is still the AR15 platform and the many AR 15 custom parts you can find. From complete upper receivers to lights and optics, there are many options for you to choose from.

8+ Years in Business

We’ve been in the customized AR 15 business since 2013. With thousands of satisfied customers, we guarantee unrivaled quality when it comes to customizing AR 15 rifles for all of your shooting needs.

Live Inventory – If it’s in-stock, it’s ready to ship

Yes, you heard that right. If you see any of your unique custom AR-15 accessories available here, it’s ready to ship!

100% Secure Checkout

Our main priority at Mid State Firearms is to provide you with the best custom AR-15 parts, as well as the most important AR-15 knowledge so you can build the best version of your rifle. If you have any questions about custom AR-15 parts or any other inquiries, check out our FAQs section here.

24/7 Support Available via Call and Text

We’re based in Mississippi, and our customer support is available 24/7. Contact us via email, telephone, or text, or you can come by and have a chat about your dream AR build kit! Feel free to drop a line.

As you can see, the AR-15 is a flexible platform with which you can combine your chosen custom AR 15 parts and turn it into your own personal piece, whether it’s shooting at the ranges, home defense, or hunting! If you want a proper custom built AR 15, don’t hesitate to visit Mid State Firearms.

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24/7 Support

Available via call and text

8+ Years in Business

Based in Mississippi

100% Secure Checkout

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