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Get the Best Quality AR15 Pistol

With the pistol kits at Mid State Firearms, you can buy an AR pistol build kit that fits your desires. Get all the upgrades that you want so you can have a pistol that is completely your own and fits all of your needs. 

AR-15 Pistol Build

AR 15 pistols have short barrels yet are completely legal as they are classified as pistols. You can buy an AR 15 pistol or you can easily build your own using an AR 15 pistol build kit. There are many benefits to building your own AR 15 pistol, and it is incredibly easy to do so. Let’s get into all the details of building your very own AR 15 pistol using an AR pistol kit. 

Is it hard to build an AR-15 pistol? 

With our Mid State Firearms AR 15 Pistol Build kits, you will have an incredibly easy time building your own AR-15. At Mid State Firearms, you have a wide selection of AR15 pistol build kits that allow you to customize every aspect of your pistol.

What should you know before building an AR-15 pistol?

When you are starting to build your AR 15 pistol, know that it will take some time to get your build put together. On average, it will take about 3 hours to set up your new pistol fully. 

When building a new firearm, you should always check your local and state firearm laws to ensure that all of your parts and specifications are legal. This is to ensure that if you are ever in court for firearm-related reasons, your gun won’t be used against you.

Before building your AR 15 pistol, know that you can’t have stock or a vertical foregrip. This differentiates your AR-15 “pistol” from an AR-15 “rifle”

How do you build an AR-15 pistol?

Building an AR 15 pistol is incredibly easy if you are using an AR 15 pistol kit. Using our build kit configurator, you can customize and select each part as you’d like. 

Using a kit takes the tricky aspects away. You don’t have to remember to purchase every single part, as a kit will come with everything necessary.