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How to find the right AR-15 upper receiver

Finding the best AR 15 complete upper receiver can be a challenging task. That’s because there’s a wide range of complete upper receivers to choose from. When choosing an AR15 upper receiver for your rifle, you need to take into account a lot of factors besides the price. 

Here, we will check the most important considerations to help you pick the best AR 15 upper receiver that suits your needs. But first, let’s see what the upper receiver actually is.

What Is an Upper Receiver?

An AR requires a charging handle, bolt carrier group, barrel, and gas system to be functional. This is where AR15 upper receivers come in. 

Different Types of AR-15 Uppers

When choosing a complete receiver, the strength and quality depend on material, manufacturing method, and quality assurance. Typically, AR-15 upper receivers are typically manufactured using two methods:

  • Forged
  • Billet 

What Parts Go Into an Upper Receiver Assembly?

A complete upper receiver has a few parts that go into it:

  1. Charging handle
  2. Forward assist
  3. Dust cover
  4. Barrel assembly 
  5. Gas system
  6. Muzzle device
  7. Handguard
  8. And a few smaller components

AR15 Uppers & Complete Uppers assembled & ready to pin on your lower.
You can order these AR-15 uppers with or without a bolt carrier group and charging handle.

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We check headspace and test fire every complete upper that is ordered with BCG and charging handle.  We offer 5.56 upper receivers, 223 Wylde, 300 AAC Blackout, 7.62×39, 9mm, 6.5 Grendel uppers.


How can I build an AR 15 upper receiver?

To build your own upper receiver, you will need plenty of parts such as a gas block, muzzle brake, barrel, handguard, charging handle, and bolt carrier group. You will also need tools, including a brass/nylon hammer, SAE Allen Wrenches, Roll Pin Punch Set, Needle Nose Pliers, and Wheeler Torque Wrench.
This complex process takes a lot of experience, so your best bet is to purchase a ready-to-use AR-15 upper receiver.

What is an AR 15 upper receiver?

An AR-15 upper receiver is the top half of the AR-15 rifle that houses the barrel, bolt carrier group, and other critical components. It attaches to the lower receiver of the rifle to complete an AR-15. The upper receiver is responsible for housing the parts that determine the rifle’s accuracy, reliability, and functionality.
The upper receiver is available in various calibers, barrel lengths, and configurations, allowing for customization and modification to fit the user’s specific needs and preferences. It is an essential component of the AR-15 rifle, and without it, the rifle cannot function properly.

How can I remove an AR 15 upper receiver?

After removing the magazine and depressing the take-down pin, push the front pivot pin and pull the charging handle backward. Then take the charging handle off by pulling it back and up, which will pull out your charging handle and bolt carrier group.