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Considering the 14.5 AR15 Upper? Get Informed!

Ever heard of the almighty 14.5 upper receiver? It’s one of the best SBR iterations, and there are plenty of reasons why a 14.5 AR upper is the way to go.

Many firearms enthusiasts believe the barrel length of a 14.5 complete upper’s carbine system is designed to be one of the most efficient SBRs for home defense.

As in most cases, a 16-inch barrel of a 14.5 AR 15 upper can definitely be overgassed and prone to malfunction. Sure, you can run a thicker buffer, but a pinned 14.5” upper with a barrel can make all the difference.

Let’s see why a 14.5 inch AR upper gets the attention it deserves.

What’s the Purpose of 14.5 AR15?

Some people aren’t sure why would you bother with a 14.5 inch upper for sale when you can get some 10-inch barrel SBRs, or even 16-inch uppers, and call it a day.

It’s simple – a 14.5 upper receiver assembly makes your platform a great home defense option without having to fear ATF regulations. This is why people keep browsing those 14.5 complete upper for sale.

While some wouldn’t notice the difference in velocity because of the handguard and muzzle brake variations, you best believe a 14.5 inch upper will make your platform feel like an M4.

Is 14.5 AR15 Upper Legal?

It depends entirely on where you are located. Most states have different state laws on SBRs and 14.5 uppers.

If you want to purchase an AR15 14.5 upper and use it as a pistol machine gun, make sure it’s paperworked and listed as a pistol receiver. This allows you to build it as a pistol with AR uppers 14.5 calibers.

Just make sure you never put a stock on your 14.5 inch AR15 upper. Rest assured, you can put a pistol arm brace or a buffer tube on your 14.5 inch AR 15 upper.

The ATF has no problem if your AR 15 14.5 upper goes just beyond 16 inches. If your AR complete upper 14.5 inch platform has a pinned and welded muzzle device, the length slightly passes the 16-inch mark, which makes it perfectly legal.