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how to improve shooting skills, photo

Expert Advice on How to Improve Shooting Skills and Shoot Accurately

Shooting is not considered to be just a skill but it is an art that needs precision, confidence, and focus. It does not matter whether you are an experienced pro or a novice, you can never go wrong with enhancing your shooting skills.  Do you find yourself asking: “How to improve my shooting skills?” Here, […]

AR-15 Kits Under $300

Guide to Cheap AR 15 Kits: Building Affordable Firepower

Complete AR-15 kits under $300 are easy to find. However, finding the right one that fits your personal preference is difficult. While the AR-15 remains a popular and far-reaching rifle in the US, making your own from scratch is not uncommon for most shooters. Most firearms enthusiasts believe that building your own from cheap AR […]


Getting Started: Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Use AR15

As one of the most prolific firearms in US history, the AR-15 still stands as a versatile semi-automatic rifle that any shooter can modify, upgrade, and make their own. The AR-15 rifle is accurate, reliable, and very comfortable for most hunting, home defense, and shooting applications. Still, even if you have the best AR-15 platform, […]


AR 15 Home Defense: Picking the Right Setup

When talking about the best AR 15 for home defense, there’s really no simple answer. What we do know is that the AR-15 rifle can definitely be personalized into a true home defense platform for indoor fighting. It’s adaptable, tactical, and really powerful if customized with the proper gear. But, how to really kick it […]

AR-15 Hunting

Can I Hunt with an AR 15? Insights and Recommendations for Hunters

Before you ask yourself, “Can I hunt with an AR 15?” first, look at the numbers. Over the last decade, many shooters began utilizing the AR-15 for hunting deer, elk, boar, and coyote. There are a couple of good reasons why we see this rise in using tactical rifles for hunting. Undoubtedly, the AR 15 […]

AR 15 Parts Breakdown, photo

AR-15: Detailed Guide to Understanding Each Component

As one of the most popular American rifles, the AR-15 is a cornerstone of firearm customization. Whether you’re new to guns or a seasoned veteran, modifying your AR-15 rifle is always a joy. The AR-15 has been constantly hogging the aftermarket spotlight, and you can almost always find the part you’re looking for if you […]

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