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AR-15: Factory New, Pre-Owned, or Self-Built, Mid State Firearms

Guide to the AR 15 Price: Factory New, Pre-Owned, or Self-Built

The AR-15 rifle is well known for its adaptability and broad use among shooters. With its increasing popularity, many people tend to ask the question – how much does an AR 15 cost? Prospective buyers are presented with a plethora of buying possibilities which means that there are several things that should be considered.  A […]

Cheap AR Build, MidStateFirearms

Interested in a Cheap AR Build? Check out our guide

With the increasing popularity of the AR-15 platform, it is no wonder that several firearm enthusiasts are beginning to look into do-it-yourself options for owning an AR-15.  With each passing day, more and more firearm enthusiasts look to building their own AR-15 from the ground up, and this is why we have decided to help […]

What-is-the-Best-AR-15-for-You, Midstate Firearms

What is the Best AR-15 for You? A Deep Dive into AR 15 Types

It is no longer news that the AR platform is beginning to sound like a household name in the firearm community. Popularly known for its modular design and adaptability, the AR platform has come to represent the American firearm culture.  The AR platform has several varieties of options to offer and a newbie just looking […]

AR-Pistol-vs-Rifle, Mid-State-Firearms

AR-15 Pistol vs AR-15 Rifle: Which Should You Choose?

The AR-15 platform is quite popular among firearm enthusiasts as it offers high-level configuration and customization.  However, there have been several debates and questions around AR-15 rifles and AR-15 pistols arising in the AR community. Questions like what is an AR pistol vs rifle, what makes an AR a pistol or rifle, what is the […]

how to improve shooting skills, photo

Expert Advice on How to Improve Shooting Skills and Shoot Accurately

Shooting is not considered to be just a skill but it is an art that needs precision, confidence, and focus. It does not matter whether you are an experienced pro or a novice, you can never go wrong with enhancing your shooting skills.  Do you find yourself asking: “How to improve my shooting skills?” Here, […]

AR-15 Kits Under $300

Guide to Cheap AR 15 Kits: Building Affordable Firepower

Complete AR-15 kits under $300 are easy to find. However, finding the right one that fits your personal preference is difficult. While the AR-15 remains a popular and far-reaching rifle in the US, making your own from scratch is not uncommon for most shooters. Most firearms enthusiasts believe that building your own from cheap AR […]

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