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What Is an AR-15 Rifle

What is an AR-15? Exploring its Definition, Components, and Uses as a Rifle

The AR-15 is a marvel of U.S. firearms engineering. It’s no doubt one of the most popular firearms you can buy, and its sheer versatility is unmatched. Since it’s an iconic piece, there are many myths and inconsistencies that surround its name, and lots of folks have it all wrong about its characteristics and use. […]

AR-15 Caliber Guide

AR-15 Calibers Demystified: What Caliber is an AR 15 and Which One is Ideal for Your Needs?

As one of the most versatile and capable rifle calibers, the AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle designed with an unwavering focus on flexibility, speed, and power. Built to be as lightweight and powerful as possible, the AR-15 platform enjoys a massive range of calibers. From small .22LR plinking bullets to the almighty .458 SOCOM rounds, […]

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