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Upgrade Your Build With PVD Glock Colored Parts

Want to Take Your Handgun to the Next Level? Are PVD Colored Glock Parts the Answer?

In today’s firearm market, there’s a growing hype for PVD coated gun components and other colored Glock parts.

The odd, rainbow-slathered finishes that were once mocked are suddenly becoming a fast-growing trend among handgun enthusiasts.

For Glock owners specifically, you can find many unique and stylish aftermarket options like PVD Rainbow Glock Parts on the market today.

Here’s how to style your Glock.

Make your Glock Standout with PVD Parts

Our wide selection of PVD Oilslick Handgun Parts will make your Glock handgun stand out from the rest.

We colored parts for the G19, the G43, and the G17. The Glock 19 colored parts are one of our most popular products:

Chameleon Glock Parts Benefits

A Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating is the thin coat on your handgun that’s applied in a high-temperature vacuum chamber.

The chamber controls the temperature to render the finish with low friction, adding a characteristic of self-lubrication to the handgun.

What’s more, PVD colored parts will make your Glock unique and creative, and the chameleon Glock parts make sure that:

  • Your Glock has improved durability and a high tolerance for wear for longer periods of time;
  • Your Glock’s performance greatly improves with minimal friction;
  • Your Glock’s appearance will be more distinct and stylish.


Will a PVD Coating Change My Glocks’ Function or Reliability?

Yes, your Glock colored parts with PVD coating can actually change your Glock’s characteristics.

One of the main advantages of PVD coating is that it will make your Glock durable to corrosion, as well as improve its heat resistance.

PVD coatings are very resistant to high temperatures, so it’s ideal for shooters who regularly visit the ranges with a PVD rainbow parts Glock 19.

How Do I Properly Protect My PVD-Coated Parts?

To properly protect your PVD-coated Glock parts, you will need to maintain the quality of your coating, and it’s such a simple process you won’t need to take it to the gunsmith.

If you want to thoroughly clean your PVD-coated handgun, scrub gently with a soft cloth and light oil. Once you’re done with that, clean it thoroughly with a gun cleaner or CLP solutions.

Keep in mind, you should not use cleaners for rust and tarnish because most of these cleaners contain peroxides, acids, and bleaches that can damage your PVD Glock chameleon parts.