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Showing 1–48 of 63 results

Shop the Latest Trend: Get Your Custom-Colored AR-15 Parts Now!

Create Your Dream Rifle – Design With Colorful AR15 Parts Now.

With our barrels, BCGs, colored AR parts, and receivers, creating the rifle of your dreams is easier than you might think. Here, you can find just about anything you need for your dream rifle. Feel free to explore the AR15 lower parts kit color. 

You will find a wide range of colored AR15 parts that will help you customize your weapon. What’s more, these colored AR 15 parts will enrich your rifle and make it distinctive. There are various parts for chrome rainbow guns to choose from. 

Keep in mind that all these are oil-slick neochrome rainbow PVD chameleon parts. Therefore, these colorful ar 15 parts will not only improve the design of your rifle, but they will also enhance its quality. Before shopping for a colored AR-15 parts kit, check out the advantages and disadvantages.

Mid State Firearms’ Colored AR15 Parts Pros & Cons


  • These amazing parts allow you to make a unique colorful AR15 that will stand out from the crowd. The coating looks impressive with all the blue, purple, yellow, and red hues mixed together.
  • AR 15 color parts kit is a great way to take your rifle to the next level by upgrading it with a full suite of details.
  • Besides, AR15 colored parts add to the quality of rifles with their top-notch coating that boats a nice finish.
  • The gas key is properly staked for the best experience.
  • The colors of any parts (barrels, rails, nuts, pins, etc.) shown in photos look exactly as they do in real life. So, rest assured that you’ll get a beautiful rainbow kit and end up with a colorful AR15.
  • The coating neither flakes with time nor tarnishes in the least, so it will still look good after several years of regular use.


There are no significant drawbacks. The only thing that some customers would appreciate is that the selection of colored parts is a bit wider to suit all of their needs.