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Check out these Parts & Accessories to level-up your Glock

What is a Glock? It’s a firearm brand that is favored by gun enthusiasts as well as the military and police. Glock has earned a reputation of reliability through it’s years of use in the field.

Why should you modify your Glock?

If you modify your gun, you can reap the benefits of:

  • Betters sights
  • Less recoil
  • Better accuracy
  • Customized appearance

Top Glock Parts & Glock Accessories

The popularity of GLOCK has yielded a huge number of accessories. From performance to convenience, the best Glock accessories make these high-quality guns even better. Let’s review the must-have parts and accessories you should look into.


As you may know, the plastic factory Glock sights aren’t the greatest. Swapping it out to get a clearer sight picture and improve accuracy is often the first upgrade that people make. 

By upgrading the gun sights, you can take Glock build kits to the next level. Here are some sight accessories that can help with aiming:

  • Suppressor/Optic Height Sights
  • HD Night Sights
  • Red Dot Optics

Extended Slide Release

You may also want to add an extended slide release to your Glock to make it easier to manueaver your slide.

The factory Glock release lever delivers a small amount of surface area to actuate the side. That’s why your gun might feel slightly slippery. With an extended slide release, you will get a raised surface area that will make it easier for you to manipulate your Glock slide.


Last but not least, you should consider swapping the barrel. Barrels must be carefully crafted in order to ensure accuracy and safety when firing a gun. Glock comes with a great factory barrel, however, you can always improve performance and looks with an aftermarket barrel.


While Glocks are great out of the factory, it’s always worth looking into upgrades to personalize the performance and customize the look of your handgun.. From barrels to grips to triggers to sights to springs to magazine wells and extended slide releases, there are plenty of ways to make your gun shoot and feel much better.