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Upgrade Your Firepower With Our High-Performance AR 10 & AR 15 Barrels!

Barrels are the most important component of any firearm. They are the part of the gun that is responsible for providing accuracy and stability when firing. AR barrels come in a variety of sizes, materials, and designs, making them an essential part of any shooter’s arsenal. 

Here, we will focus on AR 15 barrels and AR 10 barrels in particular. Read on to find out more about them and discover the best deals on the market!

Make the Right Decision When Choosing an AR15/AR10 Barrel – Here’s What You Need to Know

With advances in firearm technology, AR barrels are now more accurate than ever before and can be used for a variety of shooting applications. From target shooting to hunting to self-defense, AR barrels provide shooters with reliable accuracy and performance every time they pull the trigger.

However, not every AR barrel you come across is a good choice. Whether you are looking for an AR 15 barrel or AR 10 barrel, there are a few important factors you should consider to make the right decision. Check them out!

Five Essential Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing an AR Barrel

1. Best AR15/AR10 Barrel Length

The first thing you need to consider is the barrel length. Your choice regarding the length will depend on the weapon’s purpose. 

For long-range targets, a short-barreled AR would not be a good choice. Because of decreased muzzle velocity, you would have a hard time hitting your shots. That’s because short barrels are created with maneuverability in mind, and they are intended to make target acquisition easier. 

That said, you should not use them in long-range situations. If you deal with a long-range target, go for a long AR barrel (from 18” to 24”) instead.

2. Barrel Contours (Profile & Weight)

Next, you should check the barrel profile, i.e., its contours and the weight of the AR barrel. It’s worth mentioning that when the AR barrel starts heating up, the precision degrades. By providing essential heat absorption, heavier barrels contribute to better accuracy. This is especially important during sustained fire.    

Many shooters find that the best AR15 barrel is the one with an M4 contour. This heavy profile is very popular thanks to its ability to ensure great durability and strength. A lot of people prefer pencil barrels as well. While these lightweight AR barrels are easy to maneuver, they can’t withstand extreme temperatures, which can affect their performance when it comes to automatic fire.

3. Barrel Twist Rate (Rifling)

Rifling or twist rate is another important thing to take into consideration. The most suitable twist rate will depend largely on the type of ammo you use for shooting. 

As for short-range shooting, the 1:9 and 1:7 ratios are suited for most common uses. Use 62- or 55-grain bullets for the best results.

What about long-range shooting? A twist barrel like 1:10 works great with heavier bullets, while a fast twist rate like 1:7 is more suitable for modern lighter bullets. 

4. Chambering

No matter if you’re interested in buying an AR15 barrel or an AR10 barrel, be sure to consider chambering before making a decision. Just like rifling, it is determined by the type of ammunition in the first place. 

5. Best AR15/AR10 Material

Last but not least, you should find out what material has been used in the barrel construction. There are a variety of options available, including:

Stainless steel is considered the standard in accuracy shooting. Barrels made of 4150 and 4140 steel are particularly popular. While these barrels are quite expensive, they are capable of resisting extreme heat. Chrome lining is also favored because of its corrosion resistance.


How are AR 15 barrels measured?

It involves measuring the distance between the muzzle end and the breech face. Slide a dowel rod down your AR barrel till reaching the breech. Use a tape measure or yardstick to measure the rod distance.

How often do you change barrels on an AR-15?

It depends on how frequently you use your rifle. Let’s say you go to the range twice a month. We will assume that you fire approximately 100 rounds per session. Since a typical AR 15 barrel comprises roughly 20,000 rounds, you will need to change it once in eight years at that pace.