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The AR-15 is one of America’s favorite firearms, and it has an ever-growing popularity that increases the DIY market of the platform.

But should you consider constructing your own AR 15 complete lower receiver? Or should you opt to buy a full one?

Let’s delve into the advantages and disadvantages of building/buying the best complete lowers for the AR 15.

Building an AR-15 Lower Receiver from Scratch (pros & cons)

We’ll start with the advantages and disadvantages of building an AR15 complete lower receiver. This is the DIY route, and most people simply enjoy the thrill of going full “LEGO” of building an AR-15 complete lower.

Pros of Building an AR-15 Lower Receiver

Lower cost: Lower costs are a compelling reason to build your own AR 15 complete lowers, rather than buying an AR 15 complete lower receiver. The process of constructing AR complete lowers can be less costly compared to purchasing a pre-assembled AR 15 complete lower because you bypass many costs that come with a retail complete AR15 lower.

Cons of Building an AR-15 Lower Receiver

The tools cost a bit: Constructing AR15 complete lowers from 80% built lowers requires some initial investment, purchasing a jig, and a drill press. Although 80% lowers are typically cheaper than stripped receivers, make sure you account for these costs. Keep in mind that your local and state laws may still require background checks for 80% lowers.

Buying a Complete AR-15 Lower Receiver (pros & cons)

Buying a complete AR lower receiver is the most straightforward process, but it’s not as personal as building one. Simply go to the store or online store, get your AR-15 complete lower, and fill out the paperwork.

Pros of Buying a Complete AR-15 Lower Receiver

Ready-made and ready to shoot: The biggest advantage of buying an AR-15 complete lower receiver is the fact that it’s already made for you, and it can shoot straight out of the box with minimal customization on your side.

While some say that a bought AR complete lower platform already has better performance than a built one, it’s not entirely true. The AR-15 complete lower receiver is a heavy standard that’s easy to customize. You can still spend a little more to fully customize complete AR 15 lowers.

Cons of Buying a Complete AR-15 Lower Receiver

Higher cost: Once you buy your complete AR-15 lower receiver, you’re going to figure out how to customize it even more, and this can be an absolute necessity most of the time. That’s more money spent.

Factors to Consider

Building your own AR lower receiver means understanding what you have from the ground up. Here are some important points to keep in mind.

Tough decision: When deciding between acquiring complete pistol lowers, complete AR pistol lowers, complete AR-15 lowers, or building from scratch, one must understand the intricacies of the AR’s many calibers.

You’ll need tools: To assemble, you’ll need basic tools. Barreled AR uppers, responsible for chambering and firing a round, come pre-assembled. The trigger and parts kit in the lower receiver requires assembly, achievable within 1-2 hours.

More gun lovers are crafting complete AR lowers while avoiding pre-made ones, but keep in mind, building AR-15 complete lowers relies on the skill of the person assembling them.