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Get Your AR15 BCG Today

If you are trying to build an AR-15 rifle, then you know that one of the parts that you need to have to build your custom gun is a bolt carrier group. This is one of the most important parts of the gun, and without the best ar15 bcg, your gun will not work as intended. But how do you pick the best AR15 BCG for yourself? This article is going to show you what you need to know to get the best bolt carrier group for sale!

Choosing the Right AR-15 BCG

Some of the main differences between the different types of ar 15 bolt carrier options are the materials that they are made out of, as well as the different types of the ar 15 bolt carrier group you can find. There are full-auto BCGs which are very popular, as well as semi-automatic BCGs, which have less material on the back but they weigh a bit more.

Additionally, you need to keep the caliber considerations in the back of your mind for your ar 15 bolt carrier as well. You need to make sure that your Bolt Carrier Group actually carries the bullets that you will be firing.

What Is The Bolt Carrier Group?

The ar-15 bolt carrier group is the part of the gun that allows your AR-15 to fire. Whenever the trigger of your gun is pulled, the firing pin strikes the primer and fires the bullet while also ejecting the shell. Then the hammer is recocked, and a new round is chambered, and all of this is done extremely quickly to allow multiple bullets to be fired within the span of a few seconds.

How The AR15 BCG Works

While it does look like the ar 15 bolt carriers accomplish all of it’s tasks at the same time, it follows a specific series of steps as you fire. But the biggest step has to do with the gas that is created whenever the bullet is fired. All of that gas is redirected back into the bolt carrier, and that gas forces the bolt carrier backward.

This action ejects the spent bullet casing out of the rifle, and then the bolt carrier moves forward, and another round from the magazine is fed into the gun’s chamber, and that action continues to repeat over and over again until you stop firing.

BCG Components

The BCG has several parts that all work in tandem. These include the bolt carrier, which is what encases all the parts that make the BCG work, and the gas key that actually harnesses the gas which comes out of the tube and forces it back into the bolt carrier so the ar-15 bolt carrier group actually works.

BCG Materials

You can find your BCG made from various types of materials, including steel which is both durable and resistant to heat. Aluminum BCGs are lighter than steel but won’t last as long as steel BCGs in terms of durability, and Titanium BCGs are lighter than steel and also come with increased strength and heat resistance, but they are very expensive.

Depending on your needs for your AR-15, you should take a look at the three different materials options to see which option suits your weapon the best, or you could just get a chrome bolt carrier group.

BCG Finishes

No matter what type of BCG you purchase, there are various finishes that you can get to make your weapon look unique and custom. These finishes include the common and durable manganese phosphate, the easy-to-clean coating of nickel boron, and the corrosion-resistant black nitride.

Getting the best AR-15 bolt carrier group can be a challenge, but once you get the correct ar 15 bolt carrier group for your AR-15, then you can have the option for semi-automatic fire with your rifle.