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What-is-the-Best-AR-15-for-You, Midstate Firearms

What is the Best AR-15 for You? A Deep Dive into AR 15 Types

It is no longer news that the AR platform is beginning to sound like a household name in the firearm community. Popularly known for its modular design and adaptability, the AR platform has come to represent the American firearm culture.  The AR platform has several varieties of options to offer and a newbie just looking […]

AR-15 Kits Under $300

Guide to Cheap AR 15 Kits: Building Affordable Firepower

Complete AR-15 kits under $300 are easy to find. However, finding the right one that fits your personal preference is difficult. While the AR-15 remains a popular and far-reaching rifle in the US, making your own from scratch is not uncommon for most shooters. Most firearms enthusiasts believe that building your own from cheap AR […]

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