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AR-15 Kits Under $300

Guide to Cheap AR 15 Kits: Building Affordable Firepower

Complete AR-15 kits under $300 are easy to find. However, finding the right one that fits your personal preference is difficult. While the AR-15 remains a popular and far-reaching rifle in the US, making your own from scratch is not uncommon for most shooters. Most firearms enthusiasts believe that building your own from cheap AR […]


Getting Started: Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Use AR15

As one of the most prolific firearms in US history, the AR-15 still stands as a versatile semi-automatic rifle that any shooter can modify, upgrade, and make their own. The AR-15 rifle is accurate, reliable, and very comfortable for most hunting, home defense, and shooting applications. Still, even if you have the best AR-15 platform, […]

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