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Check out our selection of 5.56/.223 WYLDE Uppers

You’ve undoubtedly come across the buzz surrounding .223 Wylde uppers lately. Many AR-15 enthusiasts are eager to get their hands on the best .223 Wylde AR-15 upper and understand the hype surrounding it. These .223/5.56 upper kit builds are said to offer improved accuracy, reliability, and versatility compared to standard AR-15 rifles. Let’s delve into the world of the .223 Wylde upper and explore how it can enhance your overall shooting experience.

What is a .223 Wylde Upper Assembly?

A .223 Wylde upper assembly comprises a complete AR-15 upper with a hybrid chamber designed for .223 Wylde. It includes all the necessary upper assembly components, such as a barrel, feed ramps, gas blocks, dust covers, forward assists, flash hiders, and handguards. You are given the flexibility to decide which components to include, depending on your specific preferences.

What is .223 WYLDE?

 With the .223 Wylde chamber, your barrel can achieve improved accuracy compared to regular AR-15 barrels when firing both .223 Remington and 5.56×45mm NATO rounds. Named after the Illinois gunsmith Bill Wylde, the .223 Wylde chamber resolved the issue of firing 5.56 cartridges from a .223 barrel.

Although firing .223 cartridges from a 5.56 barrel is generally safe, using 5.56 rounds in a .223 barrel has the potential to cause damage or accelerate firearm wear. This is where a .223 Wylde upper comes into play.

Although both cartridges have similar dimensions, the higher pressure generated by the 5.56 NATO round can cause damage to a .223 Remington barrel. On the other hand, the smaller .223 round functions flawlessly in a 5.56 barrel but is known to be slightly less accurate.

A 223 5.56 upper receiver not only enables you to fire both rounds from a .223 barrel but also provides improved accuracy at medium ranges.

.223 WYLDE Pros And Cons

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the .223 Wylde AR-15 upper

.223 Wylde Pros:

  • Designed with extra strength to handle 5.56 NATO pressure build-up
  • Allows firing 5.56 rounds through a .223 chamber
  • Compatible with most .223 Remington ammunition brands
  • Ideal for 80-grain bullets
  • Availability of AR-15 upper kits in the .223/5.56 chamber is generally good

.223 Wylde Cons:

  • Can be more expensive
  • Limited advantages over a 5.56 NATO-chambered rifle

Should You Switch to .223 Wylde?

If you want to shoot 5.56 ammo through a .223/5.56 upper receiver without any concerns, it’s worth considering .223 Wylde uppers. The .223 Wylde is highly sought-after in the .223/5.56 chamber for a good reason—its exceptional accuracy. The chamber provides reliable feeding and ensures smooth operation with various types of ammunition.

Furthermore, a complete .223 Wylde upper guarantees that your rifle’s components will not wear out prematurely. Whether you’re in need of a mid-range hunting rifle, a reliable self-defense firearm, or a competition-ready rifle, investing in a .223/5.56 Wylde upper kit for your AR-15 is a wise choice.

Feel free to browse our collection of in-stock AR-15 upper kits chambered in .223 Wylde and 5.56.