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Get Your AR15 9mm Upper Now and Level Up Your Shooting Experience!

The AR-9 is one of the most prolific AR-style carbine rifles, and it has 9mm rounds which is an available and cost-efficient round you can find on the market today.

Often regarded as the AR9, it has quickly become a favorite among gun enthusiasts who are looking to build their own AR pistol kit from the bottom up.

We offer all kinds of 9mm configurations to complete your custom AR-15 build.

Is a 9mm Upper Receiver Right for Your Shooting Needs?

It’s easy to find the best 9mm upper conversion kits for your platform. It all depends on whether you want a shorter range with cost-efficient bullets.

What’s great about the AR9 is that you can pair an AR 9mm complete upper with an AR lower build for 9mm magazines, and that’s all there is to it!

The AR9 pistol is considered a pistol because it’s shorter than a 16-inch barrel length which is the federal standard.

Anything shorter than a 16-inch barrel is regarded as a short barrel rifle, or SBR except if you have a stabilizing pistol brace.

If you want shorter barrels, you can also check out our 10-inch barrel 9mm Pistol Upper Assembly for your 9mm AR15 upper kit or our MSF 7-inch 9mm AR Complete Upper.

The best part is, you can use 9mm magazines on your pistol by purchasing a 9mm conversion kit so that you can convert it to an AR-15 lower receiver. To do that, you’ll need an AR 9mm complete upper.

How Can I Build My Own AR9 Pistol?

Building your own kit with a 9mm pistol upper is easy.

Similarly to other SBR pistols, an AR-9 lower accepts Glock-style 9mm magazines. To utilize the best 9mm AR upper for your platform, it’s important to understand that you’ll need a:

  • 9mm buffer system;
  • BCG (bolt carrer group);
  • AR 9mm upper;
  • 9mm barrel chamber with a 1:10 barrel twist rate.

What is the Difference Between AR9 and AR-15?

The difference between AR9 and AR-15 rifles is that most of the parts aren’t really interchangeable, as opposed to a common misconception.

Thanks to the 9mm AR pistol upper, the AR9 is much lighter in weight than a kit with an AR15 9mm complete upper.

Sure, you can change the triggers, finishes, optics, and lowers, but you’ll have to search the shops if you want to convert your kit with a 9mm AR-15 upper that actually runs 9mm bullets.

Benefits of a 9mm AR15

The main benefit of constructing your own PCC with an AR-15 9mm upper is that you can use ammo that’s largely available in the US, and that’s the almighty 9mm cartridge.

You can run Glock mags with your PCC and 9mm upper AR mag up to 30 magazine rounds which are cheaper and easy to find in the gun shops.

The second benefit of using an AR15 9mm upper is that it’s a low-recoil shooter. For your average AR model, the number is approximately 3.8 foot-pounds of recoil. Convert it into a AR 15 9mm upper, and the rate is halved!

There are many benefits of using a 9mm AR upper receiver. You can check out our variety of AR 15 9mm complete upper kits via our clearance sale here.