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Upgrade Your Arsenal with the Complete 458 SOCOM Upper – Get Yours Now!

Do you want something more powerful than your 5.56 NATO rounds but don’t want to do all the extra steps and hassle on your upper receiverHere’s the high-caliber 458 SOCOM upper.

Eyeing the .458 SOCOM Upper? Discover What Sets It Apart!

The .458 SOCOM upper is a great round with lots of uses. Though it might be expensive for some, it has unique characteristics, interesting origins and design, and lots of reasons why it’s sought after by hunters.

Most hunters would just browse a 458 SOCOM upper for sale and just see the characteristics for comparison with their standard 5.56 AR-15 rifle.

However, we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to first see what a .458 upper offers before considering your purchase.

Let’s see how the 458 SOCOM AR upper came to be.

What’s the Origin of .458 SOCOM?

The U.S. Spec Ops began looking for a new and more powerful round at the beginning of the 2000s because of multiple military projects that went on at the time.

They were looking for something that could be re-purposed for the almighty M4. What they came up with is the .458 SOCOM; a round that’s heavier than the 5.56 NATO, but with short- and long-range purpose and extra firepower.

Today, you can find many 458 SOCOM upper receiver modules on the market. We can attest our MSF 16-inch complete upper assembly .458 SOCOM is one of the hottest deals we have.

.458 SOCOM’s Prime Uses

Aside from military applications, the .458 SOCOM AR upper is favored among hunters.

Most hunters go for a 458 SOCOM upper complete assembly that can be purposed for big game hunting. The 458 upper offers excellent short-range applications and is also effective at longer ranges.

It’s worth noting that both 14.5-inch barrels, as well as 16-inch barrels work well with an AR 15 458 SOCOM upper. Not only that, but a 458 SOCOM complete upper is very easy to tweak and set on the fly.

Beyond military applications, the .458 SOCOM round has gained popularity with big game hunters. A .458 SOCOM complete upper is perfect for hunting elk, white-tail deer, and, most importantly, bears. That being said, 458 SOCOM uppers are not ideal for hunting small game.

In the race of the best 458 SOCOM upper, there is no clear winner, but please feel free to browse our collection. Like most 458 SOCOM uppers for sale, there are multiple barrel lengths to choose from.