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Check Out Our Selection of .350 Uppers

If you are planning on hunting with your AR-15, you might be building a rifle from scratch. You may need a 350 legend upper. It’s possible to find one that will fit your budget and needs.

If you are new to building your rifle, it may be a good idea to consider purchasing a 350 legend complete upper to make the process a bit easier. This brief guide will go over a few questions regarding the .350 legend and how it will be useful for hunting.

Hunting with your AR-15: .350 Legend

What is the 350 Legend, and what is it good for?

A .350 legend cartridge will be great for hunters that reside in states where the regulations on using certain types of ammo are strict. This includes the restrictions on straight-wall ammunition.

The diameter of the .350 Legend is .357 of an inch, and the length is about 2.26 inches long. It has 20 percent more penetration compared to the .243 Winchester and has more energy compared to the 300 Blackout upper.

What do you need to shoot 350 Legend?

In order to fire the .350 legend, you will need a fresh ar 350 legend upper. This includes magazines and other parts as well. You will need to purchase a 350 legend upper with BCG and charging handle since they are two essential parts.

Depending on the build you plan on creating, you may need a 350 legend ar pistol upper. Or you may need a 350 legend AR15 upper. Either way, you can find one based on different lengths. A 350 legend pistol upper will be shorter than their regular 350 upper receiver counterparts.


Can I use my AR15 lower with your 350 legend upper?

 Yes. You can drop 350 legend complete uppers on a 5.56 lower. It will provide you with what might be an intriguing system consisting of two calibers.

Can I use standard AR mags with 350 legend upper?

A .350 Legend won’t be able to feed out of a standard AR mag (.223/5.56 magazine). Despite the fact that it can work with other standard AR parts, it will need a new magazine that will be fitting for .350 legend uppers. This will explain why you will need a new 350 legend upper receiver so you can be able to get the shots off smoothly.