.750 Steel Low Profile Nitride Ar15 Gas Block - Super Nice!
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The gas block is an important part of your Ar15 to ensure proper function.  Don't waste your time on a cheapo out of spec gas block, and don't overpay for a decent one.  

These lightweight gas blocks are hands down the best we have ever used.  This is our preferred choice for builds as the fit,finish,price,quality and ease of install can't be beat. The finish is amazing and installing the gas tube and roll pin is painless.  After dealing with inferior gas blocks, we were glad to get these made to suit a builder's needs.   Once you try this low profile AR-15 gas block, you will fall in love. You will exclaim "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!?!?!?!???" and you'll never want a different gas block again.  


  • Steel low profile ar15 gas block.
  • Black Nitride finish
  • .750 Diameter
  • Set Screw Mount  - 2.5mm hex head


  • Item #: 750gasblock

.750 Steel Low Profile Nitride Ar15 Gas Block - Super Nice!

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