Free Retro-Rifle Shirt With Purchase of Ar15 Build Kit or rifle


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Free shirt with purchase of rifle build kit, size subject to availability, patterns/styles/sizes may vary. It’s free, so you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. You can request a size in order comments, and we’ll accommodate if we have it.
These super awesome button ups look kinda like hawiian shirts but have sneaky guns and stuff hidden in the patterns. They’re super comfy and cool as well.
Don’t order this if you’re not ordering a rifle build kit ( about 399 buckaroos or more, not just a fiddy dollar lower parts kit or hundo dollar lower build kit) , we won’t ship a free shirt without you buying a build kit. We’ll just charge a doodle head fee if you try and pull a fast one, we ain’t no spring chickens. You aint scared o me. Bartle Doo!

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