MSF 16″ Black / Gold Titanium Nitride 223 Wylde Ar15 Rifle, Diamond Flutes



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This premium Ar-15 rifle features a stainless mid-length diamond fluted barrel, coated in a titanium nitride pvd finish. *FFL Required to ship*

  • 16″ 223 Wylde barrel (shoots 5.56 / 223), diamond flutes
  • Mid length gas
  • Titanium Nitride PVD / Gold finish on barrel and other accent pieces
  • Competition muzzle brake
  • Lightweight 12″ mlok handguard
  • 7075-t6 mil spec upper receiver, anodized black, m4 feed ramps
  • Dust cover, forward assist
  • Extended latch charging handle
  • MSF Billet Lower
  • Velocity 3 lb match drop in trigger
  • Magpul MOE grip,
  • Rogers SuperStock


We assemble everything in-house, completely customized to your order. Our engineers have many years of experience in the industry, making sure that everything that goes out the door is built to the highest standard possible.

Prior to shipping, we test fire and follow a strict quality control protocol, paying extra attention to the gas system and headspace, ensuring that your AR-15 will function properly and will reliably fire in all cases. 


Over the past 10 years, we have carefully refined the parts we use for our AR-15 uppers. We only use high-quality components in our builds that have been sourced from proven manufacturers and OEMs.

We have built tens of thousands of AR-15s and ensure reliability, durability, and accuracy in all of our products.


We stand behind our products and have a limited lifetime warranty on the uppers that we sell.  Our warranty protects against defects in product, material, or workmanship.

If there is an issue, simply contact us, and we will handle it. We will repair/replace items if necessary.