SI Checkmate Comp
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The battlefield is a game of life and death. Any warrior will tell you having a mental toughness and a  sharp mind will give you an advantage in the chess game of combat. It is with this in mind that Strike Industries introduces the “Check Mate” compensator! The Checkmate Comp is a top quality, multifunctional muzzle instrument that is designed with a series of four off-set serrated angled prongs which stabilize climb and recoil as well as reduce flash. The top port set to the right, benefits right-hand shooters with minimizing excessive climb. The aggressive front is an added feature that makes sure no one gets too close. The parkerized steel, design, and detail attest to the quality that SI continues to provide. The Check Mate is sure to dish out the maximum amount of royal pain! If you are interested in a blast shield be sure to check out the combination product page with the FF-CRD offering for this device!


Package include:
- 1 x Check mate comp


- Aggressive front serrated prongs
- Top port for right hand shooters
- Parkerized Steel finish
- Offset angled to increase stability
- Two paralleled ports to expel gas
- Relatively low muzzle flash

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SI Checkmate Comp

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